• Marketing and Sales
  • Grunt
  • Entity Framework 6
  • C#

Our solution is a referral aggregator with an online community of brand ambassadors. Later it was converted to target the aircraft parts and equipment market.

After the project’s release in 7 months from kickoff, the client worked with us for 2.5 years on a number of projects of similar size and complexity.​

Key solution features:

  • Possibility to create and manage offers to promote products/services for a set commission​.
  • The full custom CRM functionality​.
  • Extensive admin panel with 10 types of users: Ambassadors, Advertisers, Sales Representatives, Marketing Representatives, etc.​
  • Real-time search for offers​.
  • Complex commission configuration​.
  • Possibility to bulk upload customer lists in the most common file formats, i.e. CSV, Excel, etc.​
  • Automated email campaigns (exporting and processing ~100,000,000 contacts at a time)​.