Dedicated team

Simple yet effective, the dedicated team engagement method works well for customers managing ongoing projects that require long-term commitment and stable teams with specific advanced skills.
Dedicated teams fully integrated and managed directly by the customer suit companies willing to augment development productivity, reduce additional expenses and extend their current team.

Team Augmentation

The team augmentation model is a staffing strategy where an organization engages specialists possessing specific expertise to supplement their existing team and enhance their capabilities.
This approach is commonly used to address short-term skill gaps, handle a sudden increase in workload, or complete a specific project. The augmented team members work alongside the existing team, sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience.

Project Outsourcing

The project outsourcing model offers several benefits, such as cost savings, access to specialized skills, and reduced administrative overhead.
Gexaqteq possesses extensive expertise in executing projects of diverse complexities, making it well-equipped to enhance effectiveness of your project delivery.

Tech Outsourcing

The tech outsourcing model empowers organizations to leverage Gexateq's expertise in addressing a wide range of information technology challenges.
With a proven track record of working with organizations across different sizes and industries, Gexateq brings invaluable experience to the table. By adopting this model, businesses can optimize their operations, mitigate costs, and benefit from the collective knowledge and skills of our experienced team.

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