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Our customer is an international payment processing company, which provides a wide range of payment processing services: digital wallets, mobile payments, banking orders, online credit card processing, cryptocurrency payments. The client wanted a system capable of processing a higher number of transactions per second, allowing for a bigger number of integrated 3rd party systems like banks and payment systems.

Our development team implemented custom modules to connect the system with external banks, improved the system’s customer area, and a system responsible for transaction processing. The minimum viable product has been implemented in 3 months and presented to the customer.

The system combines several acquiring banks, payment services providers (PSPs) and other financial institutions, ​and offers favorable rates to merchants. Users can view the suggested rates, pick the most profitable ones depending on the number and number of transactions. There is no necessity for merchants to open a bank account, each user has an individual login account present in the system, which allows access to a variety of banks.